General Info

History of Our Department

Physics Department started its undergraduate education in 1998 with formal education program. The second education program was carried out between 2008-2012, but ended in 2012. In the department, the formal education program with 30% English language is currently being implemented. In addition to undergraduate education, postgraduate education has been provided since 1998 in the Master’s program in the Physics Department of the Institute of Science and in the Ph.D. program since 2002.

Mission of the Department

The main purpose of our department is to give students the basic concepts of physics science that aims to understand the nature of nature. Moreover, it is aimed that our graduates take part in various R&D institutions or become candidates for academicians in universities. In addition, students who graduate with problem solving skills can find jobs in many technical fields such as computer hardware and software. Our department, which is large enough to provide a good undergraduate physics program and small enough to keep student-faculty relations warm, is developing rapidly with its dynamic structure.

Vision of Our Department

Our department aims to be a department that follows scientific developments and contributes to these developments with its academic staff who are nationally and internationally respected in its field and to train equipped and hardworking graduates who will take over this task in the future.