Physics Student Society

DEU Substance and Movement Student Society (DEUMHT)

Advisor: Asst.Prof.Dr.Hakan Epik 
Head of Community: Dicle Yılmaz 
Community Vice Presidence:
Pelin Polat (2022-2023)
Instagram: deumht

About Matter and Motion Student Community  
Matter and Motion Student Society is a community group that focuses on Physics and is pleased to include
students from all departments.It is related to the branch of physics and its interactions with other branches;
We include various activities, especially projects, chats and social events. Our aim is to introduce Physics 
to Dokuz Eylül University students,to breakthe prejudice and fear of Physics, to increase students' interaction
with Physics, whether they are in the Physics department or not, and to create a friendly community among us 
while doing these.