Seminar – 03.06.2022 – 14.30 – The Development of Physics in İzmir in its 100th Year – Resul SEVİNÇEK

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 01-06-2022

Seminar Date 03.06.2022 – 14.30
Speaker Resul SEVİNÇEK – DEU Faculty of Science Department of Physics
Seminar Title Development of Physics in İzmir in its 100th Anniversary


Seminar Summary
İzmir, which is the current address of a geography that was the center of philosophy that we can call the ancestor of science in ancient times, used the potential provided by its geopolitical position at that time and hosted many schools of thought by taking the opportunity to be the place where the original ideas of the age intersect.
In the Republic period, which will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary; The creation and maintenance of a scientific trend that has lasted from ancient times to the present day and how it has been shaped in recent times will be examined, the effects of the current geopolitical position on its inability to continue to be the center of the advancement of science in today’s global world will be tried to be expressed. accompanying it will be discussed.